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uni3 BG1 dual-purpose tape
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uni3 BG1 dual-purpose tape - 2
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uni3 BG1 dual-purpose tape

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The uni3 BG1 dual-purpose tape is a specially waterproofed, pre-compressed tape for the airtight and driving rain-resistant sealing of window and door joints with simultaneous heat-insulating properties throughout the entire component depth.
The dual-purpose tape meets the increased requirements of the EnEV (state of the art) in terms of passive house, new construction and refurbishment according to the principle of 'interior more impermeable than exterior'.

Application area:

Huge time savings, as only one work step is required for:

Internal sealing - Airtight
Medium functional level - Thermal protection and sound insulation
Outer sealing - Resistant to driving rain

Field of Application:

Sealing tape for the professional sealing of window and door joints as well as connecting joints of conservatories to masonry or other building connections.


The expansion properties of the dual-purpose tape depend on the temperature. At warm temperatures (from 20°C), the dual-purpose tape must be stored in a cool place and at cold temperatures, it must be stored in a warm place.
Conduct tests beforehand on painted or sealed surfaces.
The wall face should be smooth or must be smoothed, if necessary.

In providing this information, we want to ensure you receive the best advice based on the tests we perform. However, we assume no liability for the application results in individual cases due to the large number of applications and the storage and application conditions that lie outside the scope of our influence. We therefore always recommend that you conduct your own tests.


  • Corresponds with the requirements of RAL quality-assured assembly

  • Can be installed in any weather

  • Offers maximum protection against indoor air pollution - certified according to GEV-EMICODE® EC1plus - very low emissions

  • Airtight in accordance with DIN 18542 BGR

  • Very good sound insulation values ≤ 64 dB

  • Driving rain resistance ≤ 1050 Pa

  • Can be used down to -5°C

  • Good compatibility with adjacent building materials in accordance with DIN 18542 BG1

  • Alkali and salt-resistant

  • Individually shrink-wrapped rolls

  • Rolls individually marked with usage specification of the respective joint widths

  • Storage time at 20°C room temperature: 12 months