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arecal 2-component adhesive, epoxy resin

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arecal 2-component adhesive, epoxy resin

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Epoxy resin adhesives are rapidly curing, two-component adhesives with a wide range of applications in the areas of production, assembly and repairs. They can be used to bond various materials with high tensile strength and impact strength and excellent resistance to flaking and shocks.
The transparent colour is suitable for creating neat bonds making it an ideal compound for various applications.

Application area:

Suitable materials:


Aluminium (anodised and ground), brass, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper, steel (electrogalvanised, hot-dip galvanised, galvanised, phosphated, and sand-blasted).


ABS, PA, PC, PMMA (acrylic glass), polyester, PUR.

Composite and other materials:

GFRP, carbon, EPDM, silicon carbide, glass, granite, wood, ceramics, natural stone, marble.

Field of Application:

For neat bonds


Application instructions:
Open the cartridge and attach the static mixer. Before application, extrude a small amount (2–3 cm) and discard. The product is then ready to use and should be applied immediately as a thin film or in beads or droplets.
It is always necessary to clean surfaces thoroughly. Due to the wide range of possible applications for the various products and the respective special conditions (e.g. application parameters, material properties, system structure etc.), users are obliged to carry out their own tests.

Metalworking industry:
For bonding sheet metal, frames and braces, attaching brackets, metal reels,
struts/repairing holes and cracks.

Constructing plants, moulds and machines:
structural bonding of various metal and composite workpieces, pipe bonding, bonding sealing lips, attaching trim and decorative borders

Air-conditioning and energy technology:
Ventilation ducts, wiring ducts

Window construction, glass processing:
Window frames, corner frames, bonding corner angles

Maritime applications, shipbuilding:
Deck/hull bonding applications, bonding interior fittings

Wind and solar energy:
Bonding steel strips to blade edges, bonding lightning receptors, bonding cable ducts

Plastics industry:
Bonding fixings (clips), bonding metal components to flexible plastic components, attaching trim and decorative borders

Automotive, trucks and transport:
Bonding trims and covers, GFRP components in front and rear areas, bonding GFRP components to steel, aluminium components to steel, carbon elements to steel, headlight brackets, plastic cover panels and housings, bonding roof components, positioning braces, attaching rear spoilers