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Repair tape

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Repair tape

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Self-fusing silicone tape for rapid and effective repairs, sealing and insulation

Application area:

Sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology, construction and municipal companies, electrical installation etc.

Field of Application:

  • For repairs to pipelines and hoses up to 8 bar pressure

  • For sealing/repairing e.g. Heating pipes, cooling lines, fittings, water pipes, radiator hoses, oil lines etc.

  • For insulating, sealing and repairing cables, pipes, hoses

  • For bundling cables

  • As protective insulation on solar systems and/or satellite dishes

  • For sealing slits and impact points on pipe insulation and for encasing tools etc.


Cut the tape to the required length, remove the transparent intermediate tape layer, overstretch the repair tape by pulling and wrap tightly around the surface to be repaired (or protected). Always start with the tape wrapped around completely and then with each additional layer, wrap with an overlap of 50%. The end of the tape should fully overlap the last layer. For leakages that are under pressure or for application under water, the repair tape must be stretched to the maximum (approx. 300%). The thicker the tape is wrapped around, the faster and stronger the bond.
After the first wrap around, the tape should no longer be removed or repositioned (only within the first few seconds). We adamantly recommend not doing so after more than a minute has passed. The repair tape is not reusable! Wrapping over with new layers, however, is possible at any point and with multiple additional layers.


  • Very simple and rapid application

  • Ideal for emergency and breakdown services

  • Also works on damp or oily surfaces and under water

  • Can be removed without leaving a residue

  • Tape can be used on either side