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Recaseal uni VSK, self-adhesive
Recaseal uni VSK, self-adhesive - 1
Recaseal uni VSK, self-adhesive - 2

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Recaseal uni VSK, self-adhesive

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The self-adhesive Recaseal uni VSK is used for the sealing of window and door connection joints without any additional adhesive needed. Thanks to the moisture-variable membrane, the tape ensures optimal joint drying all year round. The self-adhesive surface on both sides allows the tape to be attached to the window or door frame as you like. The self-adhesive with split liner not only saves on additional adhesive, but also working time.
{46}The increased UV resistance of 9 months offers a high degree of reliability even during longer construction phases.

Application area:

The variable sd value of the Recaseal uni ensures optimum joint drying. It is suitable for internal and external sealing. The full surface of the tape can be plastered over thanks to its fleece lamination and adheres to many surfaces that are commonly used in construction, such as masonry, concrete, PVC, metal and more.


In order to avoid any problems with adhesion, the full surface of the self-adhesive strips must be applied to the blind frame. The film must be applied without tension. In order to avoid longitudinal tension, the film should be cut every 12 metres and overlapped again. The overlapping edges of film should have a minimum width of 20 mm. In the case of vertical joins, the upper foil must always be stuck to the top of the lower foil.
The product should be stored in the original packaging in a dry, dust-free environment for up to
12 months from the time of manufacture.
In providing this information, we want to ensure you receive the best advice based on the tests we perform. However, due to the large number of applications and the storage and handling conditions that lie outside the scope of our influence, we assume no liability for the application results in individual cases. We therefore always recommend that you conduct your own tests.


● Self-adhesive, no additional adhesive required
● UV resistance up to 9 months
● Increased driving rain resistance
● Intelligent moisture management through variable sd value
● No danger of confusion for inside or outside
● No double storage
● Time and material savings