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R-Mop flap disc
R-Mop flap disc - 1
R-Mop flap disc - 2
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R-Mop flap disc

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The serrated lock washer is designed for maximum removal. Optimum performance on materials that are difficult to machine (cp. steels, tool steels, stainless steel etc.). Suitable for universal use for machining all metals. Ideal for machining edges and welding seams and for chamfering. Free from iron, chlorine and sulphur (≤ 0.1 %).



  • Maximum removal using ceramic abrasive grain with self-sharpening properties

  • Abrasive grains are always sharp

  • Cotton/polyester abrasive cloth that can be repositioned

  • Lower abrasive grain layers are used


  • Less vibration thanks to special backing pad

  • Active grinding top layer

  • Lowest-temperature grinding for less discolouration

  • Ceramic abrasive grain produces a more uniform grinding finish

  • Little reworking required


  • Special plastic carrier disc that can be repositioned

  • Abrasive layer can be used until there is nothing left

  • Hard and tough ceramic abrasive grain

  • Microfractures in the grain

  • Full synthetic resin bond

  • Ceramic abrasive grain remains on the cloth until it is fully worn

  • Robust abrasive cloth (cotton/polyester)

  • Maximum wear resistance when machining edges




Angle grinder > 1000 W