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Pipe sleeve WS
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Pipe sleeve WS

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Application area:

System component for the cable, pipe or combi WS S90/S120 soft partitioning system for partitioning flammable pipes.

R90/R120 pipe partition in flammable pipes on solid walls, solid ceilings and light partition walls.


Please observe the respective technical data sheet before use and fit according to specifications!


  • Tested for many different pipes and ducting variants, e.g. inclined bushings, sleeve solutions, attachment to pipe elbows or pipes with insulation and sound-absorbing hoses.

  • The pipe sleeve allows the installation of media to be encapsulated at an angle of 0-90°.

  • Pipes to be sealed ≤ 100 mm can run with zero spacing to each other and to other media lines.

  • The sleeve height is particularly low, meaning only a small amount of space is required overall.

  • No threaded rods are required for installation in light partition walls or in the WS soft fire-stop system. 6 x 90 mm timber screws are sufficient.


The pipe sleeves are fixed to solid components with MULTI-MONTI 6 x 60 mm (wall) or 6 x 100 mm (ceiling), and in light partition walls and in the WS soft partitioning system with wooden screws 6 x 60 mm (wall) or 6 x 90 mm (ceiling). In solid components, the tabs on the sleeves can be directly inserted into fresh fire protection mortar at a 45° angle. Use wedges to ensure that the pipe sleeves are in the correct position when the mortar hardens.