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Fire protection mortar M3

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Fire protection mortar M3 is a factory-made mixed mineral dry mortar based on dried sand and mineral binders.

Application area:

The fire protection mortar M3 can be used in a variety of ways for the fire protection sealing of openings in ceilings and walls, as partitioning mortar for pipes and fire dampers, frame-sealing mortar, grout, joint-filling mortar, anchor pocket mortar or as a bed joint mortar for wood and solid components.


Mortar has a strong alkaline reaction with moisture. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. See the safety data sheet for details.


  • No need to rework the surface with the correct consistency of joint filling mortar - the mortar remains stable in volume, no subsidence, no shrinkage and no cracking

  • It combines particularly well with the solid components to be sealed

  • Easy processing even without prior formwork

  • Very economical - bulk density 125-1280 kg/m³ - mixing 25 kg of dry mortar with 6 litres of water results in approx. 18.5 litres of volume-resistant fresh mortar

  • Particularly low-wear conveying thanks to spiral pumps

  • Once hardened, the surface can be coated, e.g. with plaster or paint


Sprinkle the bag contents into approx. 6 litres of clean water and mix using an agitator, gravity mixer or positive mixer. It can also be prepared and pumped with mixed pumps. When preparing the mortar manually or using a mixing paddle, ensure the mortar is mixed thoroughly for approx. 3–4 minutes. Dust the components, remove any loose parts and degrease the sheet metal. Pre-wet any absorbent components, with the exception of concrete.
Do not use below 5°C air and component temperature.
Mortar conforms to DIN EN 998-1 and DIN EN 998-2, mortar class CS IV and M10