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EPDM O film, exterior
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EPDM O film, exterior

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EPDM O film is an elastic elastomer film made from EPDM rubber. The 1.2 mm thick version is used to seal the exterior bottom connections of doors, floor-level windows in outer walls and conservatories. The 0.75 mm thick version of RECA EPDM O is ideal for external sealing of construction elements in façades.


(Several application methods exist in practice)

1. Cut RECA EPDM O film to the desired length.
2. Glue the surfaces to be bonded using RECA EPDM film adhesive (0898 800 010) by applying the film adhesive to the base material in a bead of approx. 5 mm without interruption.
Please note: The adhesive properties of EPDM films may vary so it is always advisable to perform tests beforehand.
3. Place the EPDM film on the adhesive layer without applying pressure and then press it carefully (e.g. using a pressure roller).

The surfaces must be capable of bearing loads and free of oils, greases, dust and dirt. Not suitable for sealing against pressurised water. Cannot be plastered or painted over.


  • Water-repellent but permeable to water vapour

  • Highly elastic

  • Outstanding resistance to UV and weathering

  • Extreme temperature resistance

  • Fulfils all legal requirements:

Sealing complies with DIN 18195

Complies with DIN 7864-T1 table 1

  • Shelf life 'unlimited' at +5°C to +25°C