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Setting tool for nail anchor N-K

N-K SWZ SDS setting tool for nail anchor N-K with SDS plus chuck

Art.-no. 0904001004
EAN 4029484931880

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Setting tool for nail anchor N-K with SDS plus chuck.

Field of Application:

Suspended ceilings, pipes, cladding, cable trays


The nail anchor offers the benefits of a stud anchor while also being easy to install; the nail anchor is simply knocked into the drill hole through the attachment. No subsequent torque is required, not even for the threaded version.

Quick and easy installation

  • Less drilling required thanks to reduced effective anchorage depth of 25 mm

  • Easy insertion: Simply hammer in - no torque required

  • No special drills or setting tools required

In-place installation

Minimal spacing and edge distance

Elegant, attractive design

Load-controlled expansion anchor. Expands when subjected to load


  • Anchors in a redundant non-structural system in concrete: European Technical Assessment ETA-11/0240

  • Fire resistance: R30, R60, R90, R120 (base material: concrete C20/25 to C50/60): Technical Report TR 020 "Evaluation of anchorages in concrete concerning resistance to fire" (included in ETA-11/0240)
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