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arecal metal putty

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arecal metal putty

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Two-component, epoxy-resin-based metal putty for use as repair compound for metal, wood and plastic

Field of Application:

For filling, bonding, sealing, smoothing and repairing cracks and holes.
For repairing incorrect drill holes and broken threads.
Universal application on pipes, bodywork, machines and other components.
Suitable for iron, steel, cast components, aluminium, alloys, ceramics, concrete and wood.


  • Resistant to oil, petrol, diesel and acids.

  • Temperature resistant from -50°C to +300°C.

  • Resistant to weathering and ageing.

  • Suitable for use under water.

  • Can be painted over.

  • Excellent resistance shearing, flaking and impact.


Application instructions:
The components being repaired must be clean and free from oil and grease. Roughening the surface increases the bond strength. Cut off the required amount of metal putty and knead for approx. 2 minutes (wear suitable gloves to do this) until an even colour is achieved and the material becomes warm. Apply to the workpiece being treated and mould to shape. The putty can be mechanically or manually processed after approx. 20 minutes, e.g. drilling, milling, thread cutting, sanding or sawing. Do not use under 5°C.
arecal 2-component metal putty is not suitable for PE, PP, teflon, acrylic glass and pressurised piping.