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arecal UV stop

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arecal UV stop

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Waterproof skin protection cream for effective protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation, SPF 50

Application area:

SPF 50 UV Stop sun protection cream is used in workplaces with intense natural UV radiation, especially in outdoor areas. The cream also provides protection when dealing with artificial sources of radiation, such as from electric welding

Field of Application:

Suitable for skin, hands and face


Apply generously to vulnerable, clean and dry areas of skin before any UV exposure. The application quantity depends on the application area — an amount roughly the size of a hazelnut is sufficient for the hands. Always apply the product generously, because small amounts offer little protection. To maintain protection of the skin, the sun protection cream should be applied a number of times. In particular, sun protection cream must be reapplied after washing! The renewed application does not extend the protection time; rather it only restores the previous level that was reduced by washing.
It is always best to reapply the protective coating every two hours.


  • Waterproof

  • Soaks in quickly

  • For skin, hands, and face

  • Also protects against "welder's sunburn" by protecting against UV-C rays that occur during welding