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RECA Magnetlevel

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Reliable magnetic spirit level with a slim design and unique vial mounting.

The extra-strong rare-earth magnets are installed parallel to the level, providing excellent adhesion to metallic components. This keeps your hands free for alignment and adjustment of posts and beams.

The vial, vial block and the measuring surfaces are precisely aligned with each other and permanently bonded with a synthetic resin.

The vial block is made of shatter-proof acrylic glass that is easy to clean and is filled with a fluorescent level liquid (resistant to UV radiation).

The inner walls of the vial are precision ground and the reading rings are flush and corrosion-free, allowing the bubble to move unimpeded (for the highest measurement accuracy).

The rectangular aluminium profile has reinforcing ribs for maximum stability and a secure grip when working.

The two coated measuring surfaces protect sensitive surfaces and allow precise measurement in all positions.

Fixed end caps made of impact-resistant plastic reliably protect the measuring surfaces from bumps. The additional slip prevention on the end caps keep the spirit level in place while marking.

Measuring accuracy:

0.029° = 0.5 mm/m in normal position.

0.043° = 0.75 mm/m for overhead measurements.

Application area:

Particularly suitable for measuring tasks in metal construction, dry walling, building construction and civil engineering (e.g. aligning formwork)


With a second vertical level from 180 cm.


  • The rare-earth magnets are up to five-times stronger than ordinary ferrite magnets

  • The spirit level remains as accurate as on its first use, even under the toughest construction site conditions and without readjustment

  • Long service life

  • Extremely temperature-resistant — remains very readable both at very low and very high temperatures (the level is within the reading ring between -20°C and +50°C)

  • Electrostatic powder coating makes it easy to clean