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Paintable sealing film interior

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Paintable sealing film interior

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The paintable interior sealing film is a high-quality, water-based jointing compound that forms a seamless, airtight and vapour-retardant elastic membrane once dried. Together with the paintable exterior sealing film (0898 800 001) and the Purflex gun foam (0800 898 500), the paintable interior sealing film forms an innovative sealing film system for window installation.

Application area:

The paintable interior sealing film is intended for ensuring that openings, window connections, wall-to-floor connections, wall-to-ceiling connections and wall-to-wall connections are airtight and vapour-retardant. Once dried, it can be painted and plastered over.
Its special properties mean that the paintable sealing film is suitable for renovation work on existing structures as well as work on new builds. The jointing compound is dark blue when applied and black once dried. It remains elastic and very durable after curing.


- Airtight and vapour retardant
- Quick and easy application compared to conventional joint sealing tapes and films
- Forms a seamless membrane and remains elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion to many porous materials as well as to slightly damp or slightly dusty surfaces
- Uneven window reveals, breakouts, wall anchors and corner connections can be easily sealed
- Can be painted or plastered over, or have glue applied on top once dried
- EC-1 PLUS label: very low emissions


600 ml


Ensure that the paintable interior sealing film is at room temperature before use. The paintable interior sealing film should be applied directly from the packet to the surface using a manual or cordless gun or a flat brush. Apply the airtight paste to the surface in several (at least two) undiluted, even layers with a layer thickness between 1 mm and 3 mm. To achieve the best possible coverage, the second layer of the product should be applied at a different angle. The second layer should not be applied until a skin has formed on the first layer. When using on windows, ensure that the paste forms an airtight seamless membrane of at least 3 mm on the window frame above the flexible foam up to approx. 5 cm above the sun-facing side of the shell. It is recommended to use masking tape (on the window frame). However, the masking tape should be removed shortly after applying the paintable interior sealing film, before the film cures. Please refer to the technical data sheet.