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EPDM film adhesive

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EPDM film adhesive

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The EPDM film adhesive is a high-quality, neutral, elastic 1-component adhesive based on hybrid polymers.

Application area:

The EPDM film adhesive is used for the elastic and watertight bonding of EPDM films in indoor and outdoor applications.

It can be used to bond EPDM vapour barriers and watertight roofing sheeting in façade construction applications. Can be used on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces such as wood, concrete, stone and other common building materials. Also demonstrates good adhesion to (damp) surfaces, plaster, masonry, concrete, lightweight concrete, wood, insulation, gypsum, fibre cement etc.
It is particularly suitable for airtight sealing in window installations.


The adhesive can be used with a manual or compressed air gun. Apply the EPDM film adhesive to the surface in an adhesive bead of approx. 5 mm without interruption. Lightly place the EPDM film/strips in the adhesive layer then press them down. An uninterrupted adhesive layer, 1-2 mm thick and approx. 25 mm wide, guarantees optimal curing. Please refer to the technical data sheet.


- Good adhesion to the most widely used building materials.
- No primer required, even on damp surfaces, thanks to adhesion promoters.
- Remains elastic after curing
- Free from solvents, halogens, acids and isocyanates.
- UV-resistant, watertight and weather-resistant
- For indoor and outdoor use
- Certified in accordance with GEV-EMICODE® EC1-1R plus - very low emissions


600 ml