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Combination drill, HSS, TiN-coated, 7-piece set

Combination drill, HSS, TiN-coated, 7 pieces
3 tools = 1 process

Art.-no. 0641001
EAN 4029484413409

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3 tools = 1 process

3 tools = 1 process

Application area:

For anti-clockwise machine rotation:
Important! Watch out for changes in centrifugal force behaviour; avoid skew threading.
The following must be observed:
  • Only use hand drills with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation;

  • For battery-powered drills, the battery must be fully charged. Always use the support adapter, which allows for play, reducing the risk of breakage;

  • The tool must be able to oscillate, it centres itself. During core drilling, corresponding pressure must be applied. Only press briefly for deburring. Adjust positioning for clockwise rotation (anti-clockwise rotation). Do not tilt in the event of changes in the machine's centrifugal force behaviour in forward and return lines. Machine axis must match the tool axis;

  • Material strength must not exceed 600 N/mm²;

  • Material thickness must not exceed the thread nominal diameter (e.g. M6: max. 6 mm material thickness);

RECA combination drills are suitable for:
structural steel, CrNi steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic


1/4-inch drive, operate only in conjunction with support adapter article no. 0641 9


3 tools = 1 process

Drilling, thread cutting and countersinking. These three processes are now covered by a single tool. This frees up space in your tool bag for the two additional tools that you would otherwise need. This combined solution is ideal for assembly, in particular when it comes to repairing defective threads.


M3-M10 including support adapter 0641 9
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M3-M10 including support adapter 0641 9

Bit holder

1/4 inch hexagon

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